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It's great to be able to do this work and make a difference in the lives of people who have next to nothing. I experience it as my calling to work as a nurse in third world countries and to invest in healthcare. This is an exciting adventure that I am going with God. 

Everything we do is on a voluntary basis; this means that I have to pay for food, accommodation, tickets, vaccinations, etc. And because we provide free medical assistance, we pay extra to cover this.

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Donating periodically or once only:

Donating periodically or once only:

Birth Attendant School

Soon I will start with the Birth Attendant School (BAS). This is a school in YWAM Perth (Australia) in which you are trained as a midwife in third world countries in one year, after which you can work in hospitals and train local health workers. The BAS consists of 2x three months of lessons and 2x three months of outreach (in Asia and Africa). 


Blessed to be a blessing

It is wonderful to experience God's calling for your life and it is an absolute privilege to walk it out!

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