W.14 Dophna!

Despite the earlier postponement, it is really that Monday. Unfortunately Laila has to return to the Netherlands. After my day shift from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm in the clinic and a quiet afternoon, it is time to go to the airport at 9:00 pm. As a surprise, the friends from Lamin also came to the airport. After saying goodbye I drive back to the clinic with the landrover. Quite an experience with such an old barrel without shock absorbers on the Gambian roads! When we are back home, we bake delicious homemade spring rolls and go out for a bit to chill.

Tuesday from 8am - 2pm with the tracking team to Ebotown. Nice service with many (interesting) patients. In the afternoon do some shopping and to the friends in Lamin. In the evening, go to bed on time for a change.

Wednesday after my day shift in the clinic I will visit the capital Banjul. Climbed the Edge, giving us a nice view over the city. Then to the beach in Banjul, if we want to go back at 6 pm, it starts to rain very hard. The Gambians generally have a tendency to stop working during the heavy rain showers, which makes it very difficult to get home. Dozens of people are standing along the road, as soon as a van stops, everyone runs there, pushes and pushes to get a spot.In the evening I sit down (in the hospital) with my colleagues to chat and discuss Christianity and Islam. It is special to see how everyone treats each other's opinions so respectfully and is open to new knowledge and insights.

On Thursday it is very busy on the hospital grounds, because a corpse is brought to the morgue (opposite the hospital). In the afternoon a friend calls to say that the man in the morgue is uncle Saul, very nice man I chatted with yesterday, he is often at the crossroads and always has a nice chat with us. He died suddenly of a heart attack. In the afternoon I go with Hilde to the graduation party of the Babylonschool. Then on to the Bible study from 6 - 8 PM, then to Machteld to have a nice dinner with the other tubabs.

Friday we are taken by taxi to Ebotown, because the landrover is broken. It rains so hard all morning that the ground and roads around the doctor's station literally turn into flowing rivers and the post quickly becomes inaccessible. So we are literally locked up. At 1 pm everyone is hungry (not having breakfast), but it is impossible to reach the shop without getting soaked by the dirty water, full of mud, animals and sharp stones. When I am in the doctor's office with Machteld, my eye falls on 2 beautiful trash cans, which gives me the ingenious inspiration to use these trash cans as boots. Due to my large feet, my slippers fit perfectly, giving me a grip without slipping when walking. A lot of laughing and laughing by everyone, but we managed to get bread for all staff. I am amazed that so many children know my Dutch name, I respond enthusiastically to their shouts, but their reaction makes me realize that in Wolof 'Dophna' means 'crazy person'. Hence! My wet trouser leg through just 1 trip, was more than worth the fun we had and the food! In the evening we have a nice evening at the show in Churchillstown where Francis performs.

Saturday, after some morning cleaning and cleaning, a pleasant afternoon and evening on the beach with some friends. Nasi cooked in advance, chips, biscuits and mangoes brought to take away, which tastes extra after a delicious afternoon of volleyball.

Sunday morning to church. Pastor Jackson is back from his conference at South Korea. He has great stories about the cultural differences and is very sorry that the people in South Korea all have problems with seeing, because they can only open their eyes half. Very laughable that he also thinks it seriously hahahah.

Bizarre how fast time flies! Tomorrow my last week of internship will start, Friday my sister Loïs will come to enjoy this beautiful country together for the last 10 days!

July 23, 2017


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