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Monday morning, 11:30 am. I wake up dazed. What, is it that late already?! Have a quick breakfast and start with my school assignments! An 'urgent' visit to the supermarket (read: study avoidance behaviour), after which I have new energy to complete and hand in my assignments. In the evening invested in my new addiction: running. Wonderfully more than 2 hours non-stop, from Lamin to Churchillstown and back.

Tuesday with the tracking team to Ebotown. It is a nice service with many patients.

Wednesday I met 4 Dutch people (including the well-known artist PatSmith) who are coming to shoot a video clip in The Gambia. On Thursday I will work with Laila on promotional videos for the diabetes and hypertension clinic. In the afternoon we go to the Bible study, in the evening we have a nice movie night with the girls (Machteld, Hilde and Laila).

On Friday my running buddy calls at the last minute, so I decide to go alone. When I've been on the road for less than 5 minutes, a boy sitting by the road yells: 'Can I join you?'. 'Yeah why not?', not expecting that guy with his cap, sunglasses, jeans and slippers to really mean it. From the moment we met he started talking, all the way to Mandinary and back (1.5 hours) he didn't shut his mouth again, but to my surprise he still held up well.

Saturday we go to the beach with the girls and have dinner in Senegambia in the evening.

When I sit in church on Sunday morning, it turns out that the one who would preach is not there. Since I did the sermon last week, it is believed that I can do it again today. Totally unprepared, but luckily it is still going well. After church I pay a visit to my namesake, baby Daphne, then I go to a confirmation party, very cozy with lots of dance and music. In the evening we go out for dinner with Pim & Carine, Machteld, Annemieke, Laila and Hilde, because Laila (fellow intern) will unfortunately return to the Netherlands tomorrow.

The rain still often comes from the sky, which not only turns the sandy roads into rivers, but also causes a lot of insects. The air humidity is a lot higher than in previous months and with it the (emotional) temperature. However, that does not alter the fact that I am still going to fully enjoy the last 3 weeks that I can still spend here!

July 17, 2017


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