W.16 The End!

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Last week had a wonderful week of vacation with my sister. Very nice to show everything, to introduce friends and to hang out with the tourist. Monkeypark, Crocodile pool, Serrekunda market, PocoLoco Beach, Lamin Lodge, Bible study, Tanji fish market, a boat trip to Daranka Island, galloping over the white beaches, the church, visit baby Daphne, climb the Edge in Banjul and take the Ferry to the other side of the Gambia.

Wow, the past 4 months have flown by! Incredible… Although I love seeing my family and friends again, I don't want to leave!

I'm going to miss it…
..the many wonderful friends and colleagues that I got to know
..the 'don't worry be happy' mentality
... the Bible studies and church services in which no one cares about another person, but while worshiping God dancing while worshiping
..spin Harry who stays in my bathroom from day 1
wherever you go, shouted and surrounded by lots of children: “Tubab !! Any mintee ?? Empty bottle ?? ”
.. the wonderful Muslim / Christian discussions and the mutual respect
.. the obviousness to address everyone with 'bro' / 'sister', 'uncle' / 'aunty'
... get fresh tapalapa (kind of baguette) every morning for breakfast
my tambourine skills in church
.. not being looked at strangely by patients when you fall asleep in the pharmacy during your work (when it is quiet)
... don't pass a day without eating a delicious juicy mango

Although it is difficult to leave everything and everyone behind, I am very grateful for everything I have experienced and learned in recent months. Memories to cherish, life lessons to take with me in my further life. It is special that I also experienced God's guidance and presence so strongly during this time in The Gambia! What a wonderful assurance that God is always in control, that you never have to do it alone, but that He leads your whole life wherever you go.

August 6, 2017


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