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This week was about 'Wisdom in relationships'. Steven Aherne (former YWAM Australia director) taught us valuable principles!

When people hurt you (consciously or unconsciously) by the things they say or do, you have a choice of how you react and what you allow in your heart. Do you choose pride to protect yourself (which is often the first reaction unconsciously) or do you consciously choose to take a humble attitude and let God speak? (Which does not mean that you just take everything, but that you trust God that He will do justice). Attitude is the clothing of the heart. Your heart is at the root of your actions> your actions flow from what is in your heart (eg pride, joy, pain, bitterness, etc.).

There is a great difference between worldly wisdom and biblical wisdom. "Worldly wisdom has to do with your mind, while godly (biblical) wisdom is all about the heart". Wisdom is a gift from God that allows us to be successful in all facets of life. It is God's 'How To ..'. Unlike worldly wisdom, "divine" wisdom has nothing to do with intelligence, experience, education, age, etc. God's wisdom is about having a soft, tender and listening heart, open to the voice of God. (This is just a small selection from a week long course, let me know if you want to hear more!)

Monday evening we had a presentation about the 5 different outreach teams with different locations. We were given two days to prayerfully reflect on our preference. At the end of the week, the teams were announced in a unique way! Everyone was given a personal envelope, with a hint inside, where to find your outreach team. After the hint 'It smells like burnt marshmallows' I met my team at the firepit! Super grateful to have been placed at my first choice with great people! (10 students & 2 staff, 6 different nationalities!)

For the first outreach (December 15-28) we will help organize 'Stable On The Strand'. This is a huge Christmas event in Townsville (with over 1000 volunteers) in which the Christmas message is spread. Then (Dec 29-Jan 4) we will go to Airlie Beach with our outreach team, to evangelize and help where necessary. For the second outreach we will leave around January 26 to Papua New Guinea where we will be on land (Central Province & Port Morseby) for the first 4 weeks. After we will go to the Medical Ship, where we will provide medical care. Around March 8 we will return to the base in Townsville, Australia.

During the medical meeting this week, we learned to introduce ourselves in Pisin (language in Papua New Guinea) and we were taught about wound care and malaria.

Wednesday started with a run and a swim, before class started and in the evening we celebrated Thanksgiving with the whole base! In festive clothes we enjoyed a delicious meal with a lot of fun and realization that there is so much to be thankful for!

Saturday we went with a group of 8 to 'Hot Rock Adventure Center'. Indoor wall climbing, bouldering, slackline and ropes for scrambling, pure enjoyment! At night I climbed Castle Hill in the evening, where I spotted a snake 10 cm from my foot!

Next week will be about 'Lordship'. On Saturday, 24 students from another base in Queensland (Whitsunday) have arrived, who will attend classes with us next week.

Because my photos mainly show the weekends and the beach, I will post a VLOG of daily life in YWAM Townsville this week!

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November 24, 2019


  1. Sandy

    So cool to read! I also took lessons from him in 'Holy Spirit week'. He is a nice speaker! Good luck, fun and blessings in everything!

  2. Piet

    Hi Daphne, with great pleasure I read your experiences, just came from outreach in Turkana Kenya. There are so many people who want to hear the message. All blessings there,
    grt Piet

    • Daphne van Wingerden

      Aah how cool, Kenya! Yes a lot, a lot of work to be done! Thank you

  3. Max

    Hey Daphne beautiful lessons, you can safely tell more blees gr max

  4. Max

    Of course I meant Bless

  5. Erik van Halsema

    Nice to read what you learn and experience and nice that you share it with us!

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