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After 3 weeks at the base in YWAM Newcastle, it already feels like home. In the mornings I spend my time cleaning up the linnen room and some storage rooms on campus and in the afternoons I can be found in the kitchen. Here, together with Erin, I prepare the most delicious meals for the 30 staff members who live on base. I also help once a week with the 'meals on wheels' project. For this we collect countless boxes of donated fruit and vegetables from a wholesaler, and then bring it to organizations that look after the community. I'm also doing an online seminar called 'Biblical Mandate for Healthcare & Missions' given from Perth. Very nice to gain new insights and to hear stories from experienced missionaries / pioneers. The atmosphere at the base is very homely, there is a pleasant family culture, which is very valuable.

Although the environment is beautiful, the people are super nice and my days are well filled, I miss working as a nurse. Especially with the whole corona situation I would love to actually contribute and use my skills! This made me feel a bit restless, which made me wonder whether it might be time to return to the Netherlands a little earlier than I thought in advance. I have prayed for wisdom in this and although I didn't hear a voice from heaven, I still received several confirmations, which made it seem like a good decision to return to the Netherlands at the end of this month.

So I booked my flight this week; on August 26th I will fly back to the Netherlands, where I will arrive only 24 hours later. Normally, flights with the cheapest tickets are a lot longer / more cumbersome than the fastest route, but not in this case! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my flight only contains 1 transfer (of 2 hours), a wonderful prospect (especially compared to my flight to Australia; 4 different flights and spending hours at different airports).

Although it is a bit sad to leave Australia, I am excited to going back to the Netherlands as well! I still plan on doing the Birth Attendant School in Perth, but it probably won't start until July 2021. I'm looking forward to the adventures I will experience in the meantime!

August 7, 2020


  1. Saskia Van Nes

    Wow, I didn't see that coming! Enjoy the last few weeks in Australia for now and have a good flight to the Netherlands xx

    • Erik Van Halsema

      Hi Daphne, nice that he comes to the Netherlands in the meantime. I am curious about your experiences here. Greetings Erik

  2. Hannah

    Gosh Daph, what a decision! I hope that this will lessen your restlessness and that you can still enjoy your last weeks there!

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