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Only 2 more days until the time has come ... Thursday 17 October; the day I literally fly to the other side of the world! How I thoroughly enjoy this phase. Just graduated nursing, I quit my job at Maasstad Hospital, cancelled the rent for my apartment Rotterdam, donated almost all my stuff and clothes, motorcycle license in the pocket, backpack on my back and Jesus by my side! Bring on that adventure!

On October 20th I start with a Medical DTS in Townsville, Australia. Here I will first have lectures about Jesus and the Bible for 3 months. Then we sail with a hospital ship to Papua New Guinea to provide medical care and to teach the gospel.

Through this site I'll keep you updated regularly so hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the adventures I experience as well.

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October 15, 2019


  1. Jaap en Carla van Wingerden

    Have fun !!

    • Daphne

      Thanks! It'll be fine ?

    • Max

      Have a nice journey and blessing

  2. Marian van Rees

    Yahoo! A website with a blog! Very cool that you will keep this up! Enjoy it!!

    • Daphne

      Yeah thanks to Caleb? Thank you!

  3. Dania

    Super cool Daphne, I love to follow you!

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