Making every effort!

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Exactly a month ago I left from the cold Netherlands to my new home in Townsville! Time flies, but on the other hand it feels like I've been living here for months. This week was about 'Clear conscience' - 'Make Every Effort'. We had teaching from Ken Mulligan, the base director of YWAM Townsville, who brought up confrontational questions straightforward. We have thought about sins, conscience, forgiveness, trust, self-control and purpose of life. Why would you want to have a clear conscience and make things right with God and with people who hurt you? If you do not forgive others and hold grudges in your heart, you give Satan the right to sue you with all its consequences (guilt, hatred, pain, sadness, etc.). By taking responsibility to confess (acknowledge, pronounce) and thus expose sins, you regain so much freedom and authority! That is vital to achieve a deeper level of intimacy with God. Two quotes from last week that tie in with this are: 'Freedom is understanding what you are forgiven for' & 'There is purpose in our freedom'.

It is great to see that there is a safe and familiar atmosphere in which people dare to be vulnerable with the willingness to expose wrong things of the past, pray together and let God speak.

My body adjusted to the tropical climate pretty well, so now I can enjoy sports more and more. Monday we had a Pickleball tournament (a kind of tennis on a smaller field) with the whole DTS, in which I made it to the semi-finals! Early Wednesday morning I went for a run and a swim in the sea, which was amazing! And also climbed Castle Hill a number of times in the evening, it's great to spend quiet time with a view of the entire city! (Although you cannot see much in the dark apart from the sea and thousands of lights).

Friday evening we had 'connect night' again, in which the six of us made a prayer walk through the city. Very special to pray through the street and let God speak in things that you can pray for.

Saturday we went to Magnatic Island with all students and staff (65)! After a 20 minute walk and 20 minutes on the Ferry, we reached the beautiful island with beautiful beaches, nature, kangaroos and koalas. First we all barbecued on the beach and played games. We got a full day bus ticket, so after lunch we had time to ourselves. After a half hour mountain hike, we reached the beautiful 'Radical Bay', where we swam and climbed the rocks along the water for more than 2 hours (which led us to a beautiful beach). Then we went with a group of 5 to 'Picnic Bay', where we had booked a cheap apartment to stay overnight. After a wonderful evening and a short night we went on an adventure again the next day among the rocks along the beautiful beach. Tired but satisfied of a great weekend, In the evening we enjoyed a lovely walk and a great view from Castle Hill with Emma.

Next week the theme 'Relationships' will be central and we will hear more about the outreach teams! I'm curious!

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November 17, 2019


  1. Erik van Halsema

    Well you learn a lot there, super! And you have ended up in such a beautiful environment.

    • Daphne

      Yes it is super educational and the environment is really beautiful! ?

  2. Marit

    Hey Daph, what a beautiful environment and nice pictures! Cool that island 🙂 And great that the time goes so fast and you have a good time!

    • Daphne

      Thanks Marit !!

  3. Helene

    What beautiful Daphne! So special and beautiful to read your stories!

    Hélène xxx

    • Daphne

      Aah thanks, nice to hear !!

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