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This week was about the topic 'Lordship'. Lordship is about awe and respect for God, the recognition of his power and holiness, the result of surrender, a heart like Him and a lifestyle focused on holiness.

Surrender your life to God. Laying down your rights; your right to comfort, the money you worked so hard for, your hometown ... Trusting God to live your life. Looking at your belongings as if it were God's, and you just a conduit of God's money, food, love, everything. God has created heaven and earth and everything in it, everything belongs to Him, but He has given us free will as humans. This gives us the choice where / to whom we give power.

There are 2 rulers in this world: God and ourselves. Satan rules only the things that we, with our free will, give him the right to do (by committing sins). Fortunately, Jesus died on the cross to forgive those sins and restore authority to man, allowing us to be free. Free from sin, guilt and shame. Free to love, to receive love and to be loved. But to maintain that freedom, it is vital to be aware of who you "worship" and what thoughts you allow in your mind, what attitude you take in your heart, and what actions result from it.

That is why we learned more about idols. Idols as in things that are not bad in themselves, but that you have given too much power, so that you are not completely free. After an intense week with lots of lessons and worship, we were given the opportunity on Friday to make a conscious choice to 'lay down' / surrender our lives to God and give up the idols in our lives. In this way, to give back the control that we as humans have (free will) to God. If you don't know God as a Father who wants the best for you, ruler of all that lives, a wonderful and almighty God who wants nothing more than to use you to bring His Kingdom to earth, it will sound like a scary decision to relinquish control of your life. But knowing that we have the privilege of letting God guide us is so wonderful!

In addition to surrender, we were given the opportunity to pick up commitments. For example, I noticed that Facebook and Instagram were an 'idol' in my life, because I spent more time there than I actually wanted. That is why I decided to spend no more than 5 minutes a day on FB and Insta during the DTS (using time-lock).

"The 2 most important days in your life are the day that you are born and the day you find out why." An inspiring quote from Mark Twain.

I know from an early age that I want to work as a nurse in developing countries to invest in people with poor living conditions. I truly believe that God has placed in my heart the desire to help them. To respond to God's calling, I have made a commitment for the next 5 years to work full-time for missionary work! God has not (yet) revealed to me a five-year plan, but 'You don't need to know before you go!'. I am convinced that God will gradually show the next step.

Sunday there was the opportunity to be baptized! Maddy (a good friend) decided to confirm her commitment to God through baptism! A great ending to this great week.

Furthermore, this weekend we went with our outreach team to the beach where we made a campfire and got to know each other better. Unfortunately it started to rain heavily (my first downpour here in Townsville!) Which made it short-lived, but it was still a lot of fun!

Last week I recorded a VLOG of daily life in YWAM Townsville. Not yet seen? Click here.

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December 2, 2019

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  1. Erik van Halsema

    Well Daphne, you learn a lot of important truths there, glad you share them with us!

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