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BEEP BEEP BEEP .. 3.20 am, full of adrenaline I open my eyes, it is finally that time! Thursday October 17th, the day the adventure really starts! After a short night (2.5 hours sleep) we leave with the whole family to Schiphol Airport at 4.00 am. After a last family photo and checking in my luggage, it's time to say goodbye. It feels so very unreal! After a last hug I go through the gates, where I have to leave my parents, sister and brother behind. My hand luggage bags are both picked out, but after a thorough inspection I can proceed to the Gate, where I board the plane half an hour later.

The first flight to Copenhagen goes by quickly (only 1.5 hours). The catering strike only applies to this short flight, so fortunately I do not have to worry about starving, haha. After spending 4 hours at Copenhagen Airport, the eleven-hour flight to Singapore starts, where I am sitting next to a whining toddler who urinates in his pants and later on is puking (which is not very beneficial for the smell). After a long sit and a fun ride on the skytrain in Singapore, I continue my journey with a 7 hour flight to Brisbane. Unfortunately, screaming babies are also on board here, nevertheless I'm still able to sleep for two hours. Arriving in Brisbane, I spent 3 hours at the airport and get ready for the last 2-hour flight to Townsville, where I arrive at 11:30 pm (after a 1,5 hour delay).

I am picked up by Tabea and Candi, 2 YWAM staff members. Because the DTS only starts on Monday 20 October, it is not allowed to sleep on campus before Saturday, but after 5 unsuccessful attempts at fully booked hostels, we still enter the campus at 12:30 am (as a matter of fact, it just turned Sutarday 30 min ago). I arrive in my new room (read: dormitory 22 beds) where I finally lie in my bed at 2.00 am.

The next morning about 30 other students arrive, we get a tour of the campus and we explore the city with a number of fellow students. Wow how beautiful it is here! I am now lying in my hammock, between the palm trees in the garden. Although it is quite overwhelming to meet so many new people after little sleep and a tiring journey, I immediately feel at home, enjoying the different cultures and the wonderful sun (currently 30 degrees Celsius).

Tonight there is a fireworks show on the beach, which is only a 10 minute walk from here and tomorrow we have the first official meeting with all 54 students of the October DTS!

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October 19, 2019


  1. Marian

    Yes! You arrived well. Must have been a tough flight !! But looks beautiful there! 😀

    • Daphne van Wingerden

      Yes, it was long (already) worth it! It is beautiful here

  2. Erik van Halsema

    Hi Daphne,
    What a nice welcome with all those cards! Have fun there !

    Greet Erik

    • Esther


      Thank you for arriving and already settled! Nice that you have already made your own place in the dormitory aka your new room! I already saw some well-known photos and maps 😉 Enjoy it and keep making us jealous with beautiful photos of nature and the nice weather! p


      • Erik

        Hi Daphne
        Boy what a trip. We have just returned from Jerusalem and found a beautiful text as strenuous as the start of a DTS
        1 kor 8: 2-3.
        Erik v de Ricm

      • Daphne van Wingerden

        Aah cool to hear! Encouraging text too! Thank you!

      • Daphne van Wingerden

        Thank you Es! Haha yes nice network vacation memories?

  3. Annette

    Great to read Daph! So proud of you !!!

  4. Piet van den Oever

    Hi Daphne,
    All very cool.

  5. Coen

    Spicy trip so Daphne!
    Nice to hear that you have arrived there very well. Enjoy it 😉

  6. Opa en oma Van Halsema

    That is a nice report from the first days.
    We wish you a good time in Australia

  7. Peter en Marjolein

    Nice to read, Daphne! We look forward to following your experiences! Marjoram

  8. Jaap en Carla

    Hi Daph, good to hear that you have moved into your new home. So stay open and uninhibited about everything you will experience and we would like to stay informed. Lots of fun.

  9. Marit

    Hey dear Daph, nice that you feel right at home in Australia. And wonderful that it is so warm there! To enjoy! Have fun xxx Marit

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