De laatste Loodjes

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Next week is the 11th week of the Bible school! That means that we only have 2 weeks left in which we read the last Bible books, homework assignments and prepare for the Bible overview presentation in which we present the entire Bible in a nutshell (45 minutes). The school has brought me many new insights; I learned to read the Bible in context (why and to whom it was written, under what circumstances), and to translate it to what I can learn from it myself and how I can apply it to my daily life.

Last week we read about the life of Jesus. I found it super inspiring to see how He treated society's 'scum' with compassion, stood up for the sick, poor and touched lepers without hesitation, while this was highly unusual because they were considered 'unclean' due to their infectious disease. This reminded me of our outreach in Papua earlier this year, where we visited a man with leprosy with the medical team. Although he was kept at a distance by the villagers, we could literally kneel down to him, I dressed his wounds and we provide medication. A small act of love and acceptance, received with indescribable gratitude!

 Originally my plan was to start the Birth Attendant School (to be trained as a midwife in third world countries in Perth) right after the Bible School. However, because of the COVID-19, the school got postponed until the borders are open again. Unfortunately, the Australian government has not yet published anything about possible dates, making it difficult to plan what I will do in the meantime. At the moment, even the borders between different states in Australia are still closed, so it remains to be seen how it will develop.  

The disciples were called by Jesus in the time of the Bible to go out into the world and make all nations His disciples. I also feel that God is calling me to do this school. However, after Jesus' disciples received this commission, they still had to wait for the "gift" promised to them; receiving the Holy Spirit, so that they would not act from their own strength, but from God's power. I imagine they, too, were excited to go and perhaps a little frustrated that they had to wait. I read that while waiting, they gathered to pray and looked forward with anticipation. So now I also want to wait, pray and look forward to what God has in store for me!

Although it is still uncertain what I will do next, I enjoy every day and I am confident that God has a plan and that He will make this clear at the right time!


  1. Erik van Halsema

    Hi Daphne,
    Well it remains exciting so say, I am very curious how it will all go. Strength!
    regards, Erik

  2. Ans Franken

    Dear Daphne,
    Yes, I can imagine that waiting is not the easiest, especially if you are young and vital and know what next challenge is waiting for you! But waiting is quite normal in non-western society. I think you can easily adapt to it. I think your education is very practical and that is a great advantage. Thank you for learning some uses of God's Word for your own life. Ultimately, the Bible is a “Do-Book”! I myself follow the studies, which are broadcast via Family 7, as much as possible. Especially those studies, which cover an entire Bible book and are broadcast in several episodes. For example, I participated in the second part of Isaiah. Also the book Amos and Hosea. I always look forward to it!
    I pray with you and your friends!

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