Goodbye for now…

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There is a time for everything ... a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to meet and a time to say goodbye. Wednesday morning, August 26 at 5:30 am was a time to say goodbye. Goodbye to YWAM Newcastle, who has become so dear to me in just 6 weeks. Great people that I have become very close to in a short time. What a privilege to be part of this wonderful group of people who welcomed me into their 'family' with open arms. Working in the kitchen with Erin was a lot of fun and inspiring and through the online seminar from YWAM Perth I had the opportunity to learn more about medical missions.

I have learned that a proper goodbye is essential in order to move forward. Therefore I was super grateful for the morning tea meeting they organized with the base, where they baked my favorite cookies, expressed their appreciation and prayed for me. Although it's sad leaving these beautiful people behind, it also feels like the right time to move on to the next chapter.

And that's where I'm on my way to now. As I write this, looking through my plastic face shield and my legs stretched out over 3 airplane seats, I enjoy a beautiful view of desert-like scenery, looking back at 10 amazing months in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

I am extremely grateful for the life experience I have gained through all of this. I learned a lot from the lectures during DTS and the Bible School, but also from traveling alone, the people I met, living in community with people from so many different countries and cultures, outreach in Papua New Guinea, living in a village without electricity and running water, building friendships, leaving everyone behind, living on a medical ship, last-minute canceled plans, not knowing what's next, etc.

It gives such indescribable freedom to simply live in dependence on God, without clinging to materialistic certainties. Every time I packed my bag to move on to the next place, I left about half of my clothes / belongings. And wherever I went, clothes, sheets, blankets, as well as friendships, finances, etc. were provided.

Onward & upward. This is not the end, but an ongoing adventure that only gets better. I've learned to trust God's timing, surrender my own dreams and desires to Him, and see how He can make everything work for the better.

I am now busy applying for a nursing job so I can work until the Birth Attendant School starts.

I would like to thank all readers for reading my blogs faithfully and for the encouraging messages; really appreciate it! Radio silence for now, but when I start with the Birth Attendant School, I will of course resume my blogs again.

Lots of love, Daphne

28 August 2020


  1. Erik van Halsema

    Welcome home Daphne!

  2. Jaap en Carla van Wingerden

    Wonderful Daphne story, we will continue to follow you!

    Jaap and Carla

  3. helene

    Welcome home Daphne where you will be welcomed again with open arms! Very nice to be able to read your stories! Good luck with the application and who knows, I might bump into you in old alblas 😉
    Helene xxx

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