God of miracles!

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We are already halfway through the 3-month Bible school and what a joy it is! It is great to read the entire Bible in chronological order, learn about the historical context, and think about applications for our daily lives.

Throughout the Bible we see time and time again that God miraculously provides and the great thing is that God still wants to work through us supernaturally! I experienced this during an outreach in Papua New Guinea (2 months ago) with Sunna.

One of the things we did during outreach was home visits. We visited many people in different villages. While in Kamali, one of the villages near where we were staying, I met Sunna; a 55-year-old woman, divorced, lives alone in a shack and does not have many relatives or other people to look after her. During the visit I notice that she has difficulty walking. I ask her what's going on and she says that she has had a lot of problems with her leg for a while. When she lifts her skirt I see that it doesn't look good; red, edematous, warm, a typical case of cellulitis (a painful bacterial skin infection). Normally, people in this condition would go to the hospital for an antibiotic IV treatment, but unfortunately that is not possible here. The nearest healthcenter is miles away, so without a car and with limited transport options it's almost impossible to reach. We pray with Sunna, commanding healing in the name of Jesus and asking God to bless her. I draw a line around the redness on her leg so she can keep an eye on how it develops.

Since there are many villages to visit, we didn't plan to go back to Kamali. However, I keep thinking about Sunna's harrowing situation. It is sad to see how she is forced to keep walking around with her aching leg, because no one else is taking care of her. I decide to contact the nearest healthcenter to inquire about the possibilities of antibiotics, but unfortunately they are completely out of stock. Sunna doesn't have a phone, but since I am very curious about how she is doing, I decide to go to Kamali on Saturday morning, to check on her.

After a walk of more than an hour, I arrive at Sunna. She tells me that she has no pain at all since the day we prayed! Wow, thank you Lord! Curiously I ask her to show me her leg again. Woow! I am amazed to see that both the swelling and the redness have completely disappeared!

I shouldn't be surprised that prayer has been answered, because God is a God of miracles and He still miraculously heals! I was reminded that God is not dependent on our worldly solutions such as antibiotics. A wise lesson not to hold on too much to my nursing perspective, but to God with His supernatural power!

Back to Australia; I am hard at work raising money for the Birth Attendant School, which is still planned for July 5, this year. Everything we do is on a voluntary basis, so I pay for the lectures, food, accommodation, tickets, vaccinations, etc. and to provide free medical care. That is why the costs for the school are € 8000. I have been fundraising for a long time, I have done countless haircuts and braids, I made milkshakes and cinnamon rolls last weekend and I'm currently working on scrunchies and other hair accessories. So far I raised € 1500 so far, which is great! However, € 6500 is still a long way to go, therefore it would be great if you are willing to contribute!! 

This can be done through Paypal: daphnevanwingerden@hotmail.com
or my Australian Bank account: Commonwealthbank (Daphne van Wingerden)
BSB: 064 817 - Account number: 10832290  
Over Tikkie (Dutch)
 or for other payment options you can send me a message! 

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  1. Erik van Halsema

    Hi Daphne,

    Well that is a very nice story, nice that you have been back to Sunna!
    I think you are already a very experienced hairdresser, it always comes in handy.
    Strength there.


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