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We already arrived at week 8 of the Bible School! Next week we will read the last five Bible books of the Old Testament, from next week on we will go through the whole new testament in four weeks!

It is wonderful to see how faithful God is, how He blesses His beloved children and divinely provides time and time again! Moreover, we discover more and more valuable principles that also apply to our own lives!

Proverbs 22: 9 says "A generous man will be blessed himself." This reminded me of the third week of our outreach in Papua New Guinea…

The second and third week, we stayed in the house of Pastor Tauo and his family. From there we went to several villages and schools in the area. The hospitality the family showed us, was extraordinary. I (as a Dutchy) can learn a lot from that! They helped us with organizing the programs, but also with cooking, washing, etc.

After two weeks of spending a lot of time with the family and with several people from the village, it was time to move on. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to everyone, especially with Nadia, my 13 year old friend, I had become very close.

The last evening we had a festive celebration with the whole village, including the family where we stayed of course. I wanted to give Nadia and Robin something to express my appreciation, but due to limited space in my backpack, I had brought almost only essentials. However, I had 1 jumpsuit for festive occasions and a nice pair of earrings from Africa. Although I was a bit attached to it, I decided to give it to them, and it gave me so much joy!

An hour later, Lorna, the pastor's daughter, comes to me, informing me that there is someone in the village who wants to dress me for the evening. She will take me to her later today. After a while, our neighbor comes to me with a beautiful Maryblouse. That must be the "village woman" she was talking about!

Dressed in my new Maryblouse, we arrive at the celebration. When the celebration has just started, Lorna comes to me, "I'll take you to the woman who wants to dress you for tonight." I tell her that she has already come to us and given me this Maryblouse, but it turns out that she was not the one she was talking about! We walk on the sandy roads the to a cozy wooden house, where I meet the lady she was talking about. I can't remember seeing or meeting her before, but she takes my hand and takes us inside. On the table is a beautiful red dress for me, which also fits perfectly! Gratefully I return to the celebration, where after an evening full of dance and music, we line up for a final greeting. When all the villagers come to shake hands, I got overloaded with even more gifts! It's mind blowing, that evening I receive 3 other dresses, 7 Maryblouses, 4 bags, 3 chains, a t-shirt and 2 bracelets. The other teammates are also amazed by the abundance of gifts I receive that evening. And the nice thing is that it enabled me to bless many others with what I had received myself.

It is amazing how God wants to bless us and how we can share that blessing with others as well!

And now that I am fundraising for the Birth Attendant School, I am amazed by all the generous donations! Thank you very much, everyone who contributed! The school is supposed to start on the 5th of July. I'm really excited and looking forward to share the knowledge and experience that I'll gain here with the people in Africa and India.

Via this support page you can view the current tally!

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  1. Erik van Halsema

    Hi Daphne,

    How nice to read all this again. Thank you so much for the donations for the training you want to follow.


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