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Two months in Townsville; time flies! Bizarre to learn so much in such a relatively short time, develop deep friendships and experience great processes with the Lord.

Last week we had the last week for this period; that means we started the first outreach (Stable On The Strand) here in Townsville this weekend!

David McDaniel (Tokyo base leader) spoke about the Holy Spirit this week. We were stopped at the fact that we sometimes ask ourselves, "Lord, where are you?" while He dwells IN us and cannot get any closer than IN. That changed perspective also changes the question to: 'Why don't I believe / experience that You are here, IN me; what lies are blocking me from realizing that? "

In addition, we were made aware that we often see that the 'Gospel Message' is reduced to a 'rescue message'. While it is certainly true that Jesus saved us from sin and death by dying on the cross, that was not the ultimate goal; it's about so much more! Jesus died on the cross to restore the relationship between God and man, making us children of God! Adopted in his Kingdom, we are royal children in authority! Because Jesus died on the cross, we as humans have regained the authority to rule over the earth (after man lost it in paradise). Our goal is not to endlessly celebrate with fellow Christians how wonderful it is that we are saved, but to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth! Changing atmospheres because the Holy Spirit lives in us. We are not called to GO to church, we are called to BE church (which of course does not mean we should not go to meetings). We therefore prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to put the word into action. Great to see how everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit and how so many people received the gifts of speaking in tongues!

We have had several meetings with our outreach team, so we get to know each other better and better! Furthermore, we went to Justice of the Peace in court for a signature regarding registration as a nurse in Papua New Guinea. On Wednesday we had Celebration night with the theme 'roaring twenties' where we celebrated the success of the July DTS and IPHC students and a 15-year staff anniversary.

Since Wednesday I am unfortunately not completely fit, very cold, headache and a little ailing with fever. Fortunately things have been going a lot better since this weekend, because we have started building Stable On The Strand! Stages, stables, catering tents, there is a lot to do! The festival will start on Tuesday, we will be busy with the organization all week. It is not far from the base, so we just sleep at home. After Christmas (December 28) we will go to Airlie Beach for a week, where we will evangelize among the many backpackers who come there. I'm excited!

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December 15, 2019


  1. Erik van Halsema

    Hi Daphne,
    Much improvement, hopefully you will improve soon.
    Good luck with all preparations!

  2. Marjolein Vogel

    Hi Daphne,

    Very nice that you keep us so well informed!
    It is always nice to read what you learn and experience!
    "Success" with the first outreach!

    Greetings Marjolein

    • Piet v.d. Oever

      Hi Daphne,
      Very special to read. I hope and pray that your health is going well again,
      grt and all blessings, Piet

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