An intense week!

What an intense week this was! Joanne Blaik was on fire with her lessons on identity. There are so many truths you can know with your head that have not landed in your heart. And that has changed a lot this week!

Like every week, we start with an hour of worship Monday and Friday, and have lectures daily from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. During one of the lessons we were given time to prayerfully find out and write down the lies you (unconsciously) believe about yourself. In addition, we were instructed to make a different list of the opposite truths. After the Thursday evening meeting, in which we left the list of lies torn at the cross, Friday was marked by truth. During the worship (with the whole base) on Friday morning, we were instructed to find a staff member to pray together. I spoke and prayed with Oz, a staff member I had never met before. While praying, he had the idea that God brought to mind a text from Exodus 34 in which God showed himself to Moses, saying that God would reveal himself to me and that this will be a day I will not forget. And nothing could be further from the truth, I experienced such an intense revelation of God's love that day, truly indescribable!

Tuesday evening we had a nice movie night; if you haven't seen the movie 'The Greatest Showman' yet, highly recommended! Furthermore, I braided Devin's hair (cornrows) and started running again this week. It takes a little getting used to these tropical temperatures, especially since I didn't work out for nearly 2 months, but 'practice makes perfect'.

During the dinner prep we get more and more attuned to each other. I am now an expert in cutting hundreds of cucumbers, potatoes and scraping dishes! And the food is genuinely very tasty!

Every Wednesday we have a 'family night' where we eat in the courtyard with the whole base and then have worship together. It's a nice way to get to know more people outside the DTS.

Saturday evening I went with a group of 8 to the ice rink in Townsville to 'disco skate'! We laughed a lot and enjoyed the fun and the coolness. Crazy idea that outside it's 30 degrees Celsius warmer!

Fortunately, my wound is doing much better; it is now halved and closed and the pain is also a lot less. Thanks for your compassion and kind messages, it's very encouraging!

November 10, 2019


  1. Saskia

    How cool to read Daph! Looking forward to many more beautiful and special moments?

  2. Marjolein

    What beautiful things you experience, Daphne! Nice and beautiful to read!

  3. Erik van Halsema

    What a special experience again! I do think your wound still looks violent. Braiding those cornrows seems to be quite a job, hopefully Devin will hold them back. it is not entirely clear to me which beast jumps out of that tree. Well enjoy your stay there and all the beautiful moments you experience.

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