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My name is Daphne van Wingerden, 23 years old, a nurse with a passion for medical care and above all for Jesus.

 From an early age I knew I wanted to become a nurse to work in developing countries. Therefore it was not difficult to choose further education. After four enjoyable years at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, in addition to my official paper, I also had 2 years of work experience in the Maasstad Hospital and a great internship in Gambia in the pocket.

After graduating my Bachelor of Nursing, I went to Australia , where I attended 2 Bible schools (YWAM) and spent two months working on a hospital ship in Papua New Guinea

After a year I came back to The Netherlands because of the COVID-19. This gave me the opportunity to work temporarily as a medical volunteer in a refugee camp in Lesbos (Greece).

The next adventure started on January 8 (2022), at the Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda !

It is wonderful to experience God's calling for your life and it is an absolute privilege to be able to walk it out!