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My name is Daphne van Wingerden, 23 years old, a nurse with a passion for medical care and above all for Jesus.

 From an early age I knew I wanted to become a nurse to work in developing countries. Therefore it was not difficult to choose a further education. After four enjoyable years at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, in addition to my official paper, I also had 2 years of work experience in the Maasstad Hospital and a great internship in Gambia in the pocket.

After graduating I went to Australia , where I attended 2 Bible schools (YWAM) and spent two months working on a hospital ship in Papua New Guinea

After a year I came back to The Netherlands because of the COVID-19. This gave me the opportunity to work temporarily as a medical volunteer in a refugee camp in Lesbos (Greece).

The next adventure is planned for January 2022, working as a nurse in a hospital in Uganda !

It is wonderful to experience God's calling for your life and it is an absolute privilege to be able to walk it out!